Des minis du Mont Salève

Welcome to our family breeding of miniature American shepherds “Des minis du Mont Salève”!

About us

Located in Haute Savoie (74) at the door of Geneva.

Our objective is to breed and raise healthy, well-balanced dogs, with a good head and paw, while respecting the breed standard. All our breeding dogs are fully tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, MDR1, degenerative, multifocal retinopathy and drug sensitivity.

Our breeding


Our fox !


The little otter

Why us ?

We have made their well-being and proper development our priority. To achieve this, we offer a living environment that is conducive to their behavioural stability and development. Indeed, we are fortunate to live in a small community surrounded by forests and lakes. 

We spend a lot of time outside for long walks and sporting activities. All our companions live in total freedom: during the day, they enjoy the large grounds and the swimming pool which they love. 

In the evening they return to the family home where each has an individual space designed for this purpose. In this way they can relax in the greatest serenity. They grow up and grow old with us! 

Discover this breed

The Miniature American Shepherd is an intelligent dog. He has a strong instinct for herding and guarding. Very easy to train. 

It is an energetic dog that needs to be exercised, most dog clubs offer plenty of opportunities. 

The aim of selection in this breed today is to maintain the small size, playfulness and shepherding skills. Affectionate, loyal, gentle, playful, faithful, it is an excellent family dog. However, his small size should not make us forget that he has the instincts of a shepherd dog and needs to be exercised.